Welcome to our new website !

It has been 4 years now that we develop websites and help our customers to achieve a proper communication.

Developing on Iphone and Android  has never being that easy. If you have ideas, we have the skills. Create your company's application, a game or any kind of application, we will be glad to help you reach your goal in decent cost.

Websites, smartphone application, desktop application, translation and soon our own software will be on the market.

Implanted in Hong Kong and South China, we are polyvalent and reactive people. We mainly target the SMEs and provide them the same tools that use big corporate companies.

Please contact us for more details.




We are currently offering a new service : a software to help SMEs to develop loyalty in their company.

The first version will be soon released, we will keep you update about it.

It will be a loyalty system on Iphone and Android for small and medium entreprises. Cheap and very efficient.  :)


New games came, and I will update and finish most of the program started during february ^^.


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